The Murky Side of Volunteering Abroad

Jessie Lau/Staff

Children clambered in all directions across the cobblestoned playground, tackling one another to the floor in scenes of chaos. A cacophony of shouts and giggles punctuated the summer air, which smelled faintly of spice and smoke. Corrugated iron roofs rested crookedly on small shacks that served as classrooms, with walls
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Neveready to make music from new outlooks

Christian Clark is the quintessential musician — sanguine, but not laconic, when he describes the formation of his band, Neveready. One of six members, he both sings and plays guitar. Clark’s distinctly Southern Californian drawl and punctuated sentences (“jeez man,” “like,” “you know”) accent the “je ne sais quoi” that
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