Studying hard or hardly studying? Tips for an efficient finals week

Illustration of a student studying with a laptop and notebook
Isabella Schreiber/File

It’s dead week, and you have several exams waiting for you right around the corner. Considering how much of a struggle studying has been for many students this semester, you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed. There are dozens of pages of biology notes to go through, countless math problems to do and 10 too many lectures to catch up on. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; we at the Clog are here to help. Here are some nifty study hacks to help you minimize distractions and maximize studying efficiency. 
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App showdown: Firefox vs. Chrome

Let’s be honest: The web-browser competition is pretty much a two-horse race by now. Internet Explorer is the butt of all jokes and is pretty much only used to download other browsers. Safari really isn’t much better, and Opera constantly has to remind people it still exists (which it does, shockingly enough!).
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Thursday app of the week: New Tab Page

Name: New Tab Page Platform(s): Chrome Price: Free Mission: Make your new tabs pages more beautiful and functional The default new tab page in Chrome leaves a lot to be desired. If left untouched you’ll either see a list of “apps” (essentially glorified bookmarks) or a 2-by-6 square grid with screen
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Thursday app of the week: Rapportive

Name: Rapportive Platform(s): Chrome, Firefox, Safari Price: Free Mission: See your social media contacts in Gmail This week’s app is one of those apps that takes five seconds to set up, but once you have it you’ll wonder why its not built into Gmail in the first place. It’s called
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