‘Six Lines of Flight’ overwhelms senses at SFMOMA

Eduardo Carvajal /File
6. Carlos Mayolo and Luis Ospina, Agarrando pueblo (aka The Vampires of Poverty) (production photo), 1978; 16 mm film transferred to video, black and white and color, sound, 28 min.; Courtesy Luis Ospina

The best way to enter the exhibit “Six Lines of Flight” is to walk up the SFMOMA’s four flights of stairs, through an arch and onto an indoor bridge where the walls are bathed with light and you are in a sort of whitewashed paradise.  Before you is a giant
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Cindy Sherman incites reflection in new SF MOMA exhibit

There’s an awful lot of Cindy Sherman at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Aside from the works the museum has in its permanent collection (though not currently on display), there is Sherman’s retrospective fresh from the MoMA in New York. Then there’s the fact that there is so
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Summer Exhibition Preview: Cindy Sherman at SFMOMA

The final show that I want to draw attention to is a Cindy Sherman retrospective that opens at the SFMOMA on July 14. Simply called “Cindy Sherman” (I suppose because Sherman requires only the briefest of introductions), it will open at the SFMOMA in the summer after having spent the
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