‘The system has imploded’: A look at redlining, academic achievement gaps

Photo of hallway at oxford elementary school
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff
Low-income students in and around Berkeley face major achievement gaps when compared to their higher-income counterparts, according to equity data produced by GreatSchools, a nonprofit that shares academic and demographic data on private and public schools.

85 years after the HOLC published a map of redlining in the Bay, the effects of structural racism and Jim Crow are still widely felt in public schools.
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In this year’s election, Berkeley candidates must not make empty promises

CITY AFFAIRS: Many city officials have done little to uphold platforms they ran on. This insincere rhetoric must end.

This November, Berkeley will hold elections for several local positions, including City Council and the rent and school boards. As candidates launch their campaigns, Councilmember Ben Bartlett is doing a stellar job of demonstrating precisely how they should not behave. When Bartlett was pulled over by a Berkeley Police Department
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‘Out of line’: Berkeley City Councilmember Ben Bartlett brings up police salaries, own status during traffic stop

Bartlett, who represents District 3 in South Berkeley, was pulled over by Berkeley Police Department officer Stephanie Cole for allegedly running a red light July 19. He immediately identified himself as a City Council member, told Cole that he actively supported pay raises for Berkeley police officers and disclosed information about a closed-session City Council vote on officer contracts.
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