Berkeley’s Healthy Streets pilot program for pedestrian, cyclist safety ends

photo of a bike lane
Can Jozef Saul /Staff
Primarily due to a lack of funding, the city's Healthy Streets program is scheduled to end this month. Healthy Streets has promoted safer walking and cycling through limiting car traffic and driving speeds on select roads in Berkeley.

Berkeley’s Healthy Streets program, which promotes safer walking and cycling by limiting car traffic and driving speed on select roads, will end this month.
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Berkeley’s Police Review Commission needs reform to effectively hold police accountable

CITY AFFAIRS: The process of reporting police misconduct in Berkeley is convoluted and bureaucratic. This needs to change

The Police Review Commission, or PRC, recently released a report that found that the Berkeley Police Department committed no misconduct in 2017. But rather than showing progress or concrete improvement in the police department, all this report reveals is how deeply flawed the commission’s reporting process is. The process of
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Police accountability is needed for the people of Berkeley

Our Campaign for Police Accountability citizens group drafted an amendment at about the same time, to replace the appointed PRC with an elected Police Accountability Board. This board would have full authority over the Berkeley Police Department: discipline, training, weapons, procedures and policies.
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