Road rage

CITY AFFAIRS:vThe city of Berkeley’s new ordinance to protect bicyclists is welcome but does little to fortify the effect of existing laws.

For drivers and bicyclists, sharing the road can be a frustrating experience that tests the patience and safety of both parties. An ordinance passed by Berkeley City Council in January, which went into effect Thursday, aims to promote safer roadways for cyclists but fails to do any more than existing
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Enforcement issues

CITY AFFAIRS: The City Council’s move to impose new rules that would primarily affect the student population are unwelcome.

Tonight, Berkeley City Council will consider changing ordinances to address problems often associated with the student population, even though the city has not, thus far, done much to include them in the conversation. The council must not vote in favor of this legislation as it stands. The proposed changes would
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Whistling in the dark: Berkeley budget woes

A couple years ago, the City of Vallejo went bankrupt, blaming unsustainable costs of wage and benefit packages negotiated with employee unions. Two months ago, Pleasant Hill, despairing of a negotiated settlement with the unions, imposed a salary freeze on its workers and dramatically reduced pension benefits for future hires.
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Berkeley City Council appoints Christine Daniel as interim city manager

Berkeley City Council confirmed the appointment of Christine Daniel as interim city manager and approved the terms of her six-month employment contract at a special session Tuesday. In September, current City Manager Phil Kamlarz announced his plan to retire after 36 years of service to the city of Berkeley and eight years
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