Berkeley Tenants’ Union weighs on affordable housing

As James Chang said at the Tenants’ Convention on July 13, “Student issues are community issues, and community issues are student issues.” It is imperative that we have a vibrant Berkeley Tenants’ Union to address issues at City Council, the Zoning Adjustment Board and the Planning Commission. Together, our voices will be heard. We also need to work in November and beyond to support rent board candidates and city council candidates and make sure that other elected officials know of our concerns and will respond to them. Our collective presence can be very powerful, and we are now only tapping into its potential. You and I, and she and he, can make a difference. Let’s begin that work.
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That time they exploded the hills

Urban Animal

In 2006, developers removed part of the Jurupa Hills to build a firebreak. A lot of people thought the Jurupa Hills were ugly. They are yellow-brown, not forest-green. Instead of trees and flowers, there are coyotes, snakes and barred-off caves with rivers of mercury. But I like the Jurupa Hills.
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Detour: The Grain of the City

Copenhagen is designed for cycling. A strong national emphasis on sustainability and self-sufficiency encourages bicycle cultural while municipal attention to such values expresses them elegantly. With specialized lanes and traffic signals, the most basic elements of the urban infrastructure incorporate cyclists, enabling over 40% of commuters to reach their destination
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