State Assembly speaker announces proposal for affordable housing plan

Introduced by State Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, the Affordable Housing Plan is an attempt to confront the state’s issue of homelessness by taxing real estate transaction documents, increasing the state’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit, and using portions of funds saved from Proposition 47 to invest in rapid re-housing for formerly incarcerated Californians.
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State elections mean little change for higher education, experts say

In California, Tuesday’s midterm election gave Gov. Jerry Brown another four years in office and took away a Democratic supermajority in the state Senate, yet some policy experts say the political shifts will have little effect on higher education. Both the governor’s race and the race for state superintendent of public
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Student political organizations focus on 2 city measures

Of the seven measures featured on the Berkeley city ballot, two have garnered the particular attention of student political groups for their potential to affect student life at UC Berkeley.

Students have directed their attention primarily to issues regarding redistricting and taxation for this year’s election.
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