A carbon map to development

One of the biggest challenges for sustainable international economic development is the need to control greenhouse gas emissions. Before we can make meaningful progress toward stabilizing the planet’s climate, we need to have an international roadmap for economic growth, job creation and poverty alleviation that still bends the curve on
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A call for ecological action

Consensus shows humanity’s life support systems are imperiled

Our planet’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems, together with their climatic envelopes and geological substrates, and the processes and products resulting from their functioning represent humanity’s life-support systems. Their roles include the capture of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen, supplying food, provisioning of drinkable water, controlling soil erosion,  suppressing pest,
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Fight climate change on a local level

Global warming will negatively impact your food

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to the beach in the winter? What if it meant you could never eat almonds again? Or potatoes? Or cherries? Sure, it’s nice that it’s sunny and warm in the winter now, but global climate change is negatively affecting agriculture around the
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Biggest Mistakes of Election 2012

Looking back on another tumultuous election season filled with countless political missteps, the Daily Cal’s opinion writers share their views on a few of the most significant blunders. 1. Rape Remarks During this last election season, a lot of ideas about rape and abortion were thrown around by politicians, the
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