Infographic ranking fashion trends from the 2010s

Power ranking 2010s fashion trends

The 2010s may have only ended a couple of years ago, but I still can’t help but reminisce or cringe at the fashion pieces we all decided to wear. Many people view the last decade as the worst era of fashion, so it’s only right for us to power-rank the most iconic and popular fashion pieces.  
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Tits out for the boys

2 cents on 2 sides

The first day of third-grade swim class, I was asked to sit out for the most sexually objectifying reason. Having flown in just a few weeks prior and having yet to dilute my maladjusted wardrobe with culturally appropriate clothes, I self-consciously stepped out among veiled stomachs in my two-piece swimsuit.
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10 ways to deal with weird weather

Here in Berkeley, it’s pretty much a reliable notion that the weather forecast is going to be unreliable every second of every day. No matter what your weather app says, it’s going to turn from freezing cold to scorching hot within a matter of minutes — and rain likes to
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