If Walls Could Talk

The Daily Californian tours the painted walls of Cloyne Court. Sparked by a recent proposal from the BSC cabinet to culturally renovate the house, residents recount their positive experiences with the murals.

Berkeley Student Cooperative’s Cloyne proposal is only option

CAMPUS ISSUES: Although purging Cloyne of its culture won’t solve drug abuse problems on campus, it's the only way the co-op system can limit its legal liability.

This is an outcome that nobody wanted. But to limit its liability and ensure that it can continue providing affordable housing to students, the BSC must let Cloyne go.
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Because of its danger, Cloyne has to go

John Gibson will never be able to graduate UC Berkeley. Gibson will never live his dream of working for Doctors Without Borders. Gibson will never be able to live independently. Gibson was a Cloyne Court resident who suffered from a severe drug overdose and had a heart attack. The residents
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Hasty decision threatens co-op community

We, and our nearly 150 housemates at Cloyne Court, are facing eviction on May 16. Two weeks ago, Michelle Nacouzi, president of Berkeley Student Cooperative, sent an email to the entire cooperative system about a proposal that would severely alter our home. The proposed eviction is part of a proposal
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Planting the niche

I moved into Cloyne Court — the largest single-structure student housing cooperative in the nation — because of the corrugated-plastic greenhouse that stands in the courtyard between the lawn and the now-harvestable chard and arugula patch. When I was taking my first tour of the house, I had just finished
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Voices: An international sound out of Cloyne Court’s cellar

Originally formed in 2009 at the Berkeley student cooperative Cloyne Court, Waterstrider has gone through quite a few metamorphoses since their incarnation. Guitarist and singer Nate Salman started as a solo artist and then quickly joined forces with other musicians, including conga player Brijean Murphy. This turned into a six-piece
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Reflections of a co-op food manager

Since the start of last fall semester, I have been one of two food managers at Cloyne Court, the largest house within the Berkeley Student Cooperative system.  I decided to run for the position the previous spring, when my fellow housemate Maddie Tien asked if I would join her in
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