Pain is beauty

Thinking Outside the Binary

Maybe if I stopped all attempts at femininity, my appearance would no longer be in focus. I could blend in the background, a vague outline of a person.
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Types of GSIs you’ll see at UC Berkeley

Everyone looks forward to the first discussion section for a big class. It really makes the big lectures seem much smaller. Some of us can’t wait to attend section to wear an out-of-this-world outfit that we’ve been planning for weeks. Others of us can’t wait to see who’s in our
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Analysis: Planned ‘Frozen’ sequel has a lot of ground to cover

What’s better than a multi-million dollar blockbuster hit? Two multi-million blockbuster hits. The masterminds at Disney are employing the timeless scheme of a follow-up to an otherwise would-be finished story. “Frozen”’s massive success has incurred itself a sequel. To be fair, the film’s popularity was not without good reason. It
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