Basketball diaries

Nothing is more therapeutic than attacking the rim or pulling up for a Jimmer-range 3-pointer and hearing the rip of a satisfying swish. Basketball was always my means to destress. Getting on the court and lacing up allows me to get out of my hectic life for a couple of
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Six reasons Dykes might be the best hire ever

New head coach brings great experience to Cal football team

I never miss a chance to express my distaste for Buzzfeed-style writing and its “SEO-friendly” approach, abandoning the premise of quality journalism in pursuit of the ever-elusive page view. But I suppose I never considered how much easier it is to just write a list of things. So, without further
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Mixed Martial Coaching

A coach’s job is to motivate. When a first-team All-PAC-12 player like Allen Crabbe is shooting five for 13, the coach knows he has to step in and hit the reset button. Even if he has to shove that reset button. Cal’s basketball coach Mike Montgomery’s controversial physical altercation with
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