Let’s grab coffee

It's a Chronic Thing

Relationships are forged around oat milk lattes and croissants. Food brings people together, whether it’s for the first time or the 100th.
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Bear Necessities: Coffee at Cal

Who doesn’t like to go to cafes that feel like home? Developing friendships, meeting new people, thinking of home and even for a simple break from studying, join Muskaan as she talks to some people about their most amazing memories at different Berkeley cafes.

photo of a French press

Coffee making 101

Do-it-yourself coffee brewing is a skill I believe every coffee enthusiast should learn because if you’re willing to devolve into a hopeless caffeine fiend, then you might as well do so in the best way possible, right? 
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Illustration of person with coffee

Falling in love with coffee: A personal essay

Despite my tendency to be a hopeless romantic, absolutely enamored by countless hours of movie clips depicting kisses in the rain, interlocked fingers in the cold of a September autumn, bouquets upon bouquets of roses, tulips and wildflowers, a part of me knows I will always struggle.  I am destined
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