Reasonable doubt

Run It Back

Colin Kaepernick has all the reason in the world to believe that the NFL’s 32 owners colluded to keep him out of uniform for the 2017-18 season and beyond. As a dynamic quarterback with postseason experience coming off a respectable season, Kaepernick objectively has been, at the minimum, a slightly
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The outliers

Kaepernick was once the NFL’s outlier, the sporting world’s outlier. But after No. 45, feeling empowered by the population that still finds ways to support his actions, decided to indirectly call the quarterback a “son of a bitch,” the script flipped. The outlier became the norm. Detractors couldn’t the sporting worldwide protests even if they tried.
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Get off the bench

The Victory Lap

If you haven’t watched the video of Geno Auriemma talking about the importance of body language, you should change that. Share it with someone who has decided they hate sports, or someone who loves sports but claims that women’s basketball is pointless. It’s an important message bolstered by the fact
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It’s time to act

A girl, no older than seven, walked in front of me down the streets of San Francisco. Supplied with a pink umbrella and rain boots, she was far more prepared than I was for the weather that that Saturday evening provided. And as we marched and the words protesting the
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Sharks – 3, America – 0

On Nov. 8, I got two notifications on my phone. “Donald Trump will win the White House, making him the 45th US President”, one read. “Sharks beat Capitals 3-0”, said the other. Since that Tuesday evening, nothing about the political climate in the United States has felt the same. Words
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Kaepernick’s drowned out protest

Sports with Sophie

Since the start of 2016, 16 NFL players have been arrested for a myriad of charges, ranging from DUI to assault. Of these, few, if any, have received widespread public attention and outcry. Instances of DUI, domestic abuse, assault and illegal marijuana possession, perhaps because of their relative prevalence in
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