A systemic failure: It’s time to stop perpetuating elitism in higher education

NATIONAL ISSUES: The college admissions scam was just another instance of oppression in education. Universities must fight harder to make education equitable.

Students in a classroom taking the SAT. One student is asleep with a bag of money on his desk
Emily Bi/Staff

The U.S. Department of Justice exposed the largest known college admissions bribery scheme in United States history. And while the actions brought to light by this investigation are illegal, this scam is symptomatic of a much larger problem of inequity in academia and education.
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UC creates task force to review admissions process

A new task force has been created by the university to review and correct how undergraduate campuses verify admitted students’ academic credentials prior to enrollment. The Admissions Verification Task Force was announced by UC President Janet Napolitano on Wednesday in response to problems with admissions at UC Irvine this past
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Looking back, were AP Tests worth it?

When our high school counselors told us to take every AP we could (because it would help us in college), they might have left out a few details. Depending on what college and major you’re in, AP tests can be fruitful or pointless. There’s just so much bureaucracy over AP
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Changes to the SAT fall short

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The revamped SAT test will better reflect what students learn in school, but test scores will still depend upon family income.

While the changes are an improvement over the current format in more accurately reflecting students’ college preparedness, thorough test prep will still give some an unfair advantage, meaning students’ scores will continue to depend largely on their parents’ incomes.
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