Photo of rain on leaves

Why I loathe April showers

Coming to Berkeley from Southern California, I was surprised by how cold and rainy it gets here, even during the springtime. Last week, as I desperately tried to hold onto my umbrella for dear life, I realized I don’t think I will ever get used to the rain here in Berkeley. 
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An illustration of college graduates throwing their graduation caps into the air

What my gap years taught me

I think the concept of gap years is brilliant, it allows students everywhere to take a necessary breather and decompress from what they have come to perceive as the obligation of education and come to appreciate what education actually ought to be- a privilege and a joy.
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Photo of a person on a computer

My experience recruiting for summer internships for the first time

Most people avoid the topic of summer internships like the plague. It’s easy to feel a sense of imposter syndrome or worry that you’re behind after scrolling through hundreds of your peers’ posts on LinkedIn announcing their impressive plans for the summer. Nevertheless, I wanted to describe my experience going through internship recruiting season for the first time to let people know it’s okay if you don’t have an internship for this summer yet. Though rejection can certainly be demotivating, it’s important to keep persevering and believing in yourself.  
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