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How do UC Berkeley students practice sustainability?

Before we know it, back-to-school season will be here, thus bringing crowds of college students searching for dorm essentials and trying to figure out which dining hall serves the least-soggy eggs. This time around, take a more sustainable approach to the upcoming school year. The following will serve as the
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Quiz: Which Taylor Swift era are you in?

With the current whirlwind of album releases and the rise in activity within the Swiftie fandom, Taylor Swift is on all our minds! With every new album she releases comes what fans call a new “era,” usually exuding different aesthetics and styles (no pun intended) than the previous. As everyone awaits the release of her upcoming re-recordings, here’s a quiz on which Taylor Swift era fits you best to reward your everlasting patience!
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My love-hate relationship with summer vacation

Summer also meant being away from home, having to deal with college applications or courses, having to interact with people I’d usually never interact with and dealing with a lot of situations that I generally like to avoid. Although I continued to love the beautiful weather and the thrill of traveling, I quickly began to long for my more ordinary day-to-day life.
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