Off the beat: Summer spent in the forest

Ten weeks ago, two strangers in a green Volvo picked me up from my house to begin to a life-changing adventure in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Our destination was nestled deep in the sleepy town of Meadow Valley: the University of California Forestry Camp, a 98-year-old university-owned camp dedicated
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Berkeley as a land grant university

Grass Roots

I’m being selfish when I say that UC Berkeley needs to go back to its roots. As a member of the Student Organic Gardening Association, a facilitator of our organic gardening DeCal and a student deeply passionate about food systems and sustainable agriculture, I can clearly see how little stock
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Cooperation at the Gill Tract

CAMPUS ISSUES: In determining the direction of UC-owned land in Albany, protesters who occupied it should collaborate with the campus.

The original Occupy movement reimagined how people engaged with a space that represented an elite group that became a symbol of capitalism gone wrong. However, Occupy the Farm — a grassroots movement that began in April to protest development around UC-owned land in Albany — lacks the same ideological strength.
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