The failure to communicate

Broke in Berkeley

My best friend’s parents both went to Cal. Some of her earliest memories are of the Campanile and the Cal Band performances, and she was very excited to come visit me when I started here. When we were preparing to graduate from high school, her parents really wanted her to
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Yes, college is worth it

When I graduated from UC Berkeley — 2010 — my annual fees were 36 percent higher than they had been in my freshman year. Since then, fees have increased further, due largely to the state’s disinvestment in public higher education. Students will get a reprieve from more increases this year,
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The Book Nook: Poetry for the every man

The book:  “You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense” by Charles Bukowski Suggested for:  Anyone who’s tired of reading cryptic poetry that requires extensive analysis (and people who avoid poetry because of that) Clog Rating:  While poetry isn’t usually people’s first choice for recreational reading, especially
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Off the beat: Don’t look back in regret

The bottom line is, don’t write something off just because it doesn’t fit in with what you already like. College is about discovering new things. Ask yourself, “What about this makes me uncomfortable?” The answer may surprise you. You won’t find yourself by trudging along the same, well-worn route.
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Champagne problems: the hamster race

Off the Beat

If you have begun to read this column expecting to hear the tragic tale of a student’s addiction to Dom Perignon, read no further. I won’t be discussing anything near as serious a problem. I’m actually going to talk about hamsters. In this university environment of privilege and opportunity, we
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A new face for segregation

Episode nine of the animated series “The Boondocks” is perhaps the most politically provocative piece of television to be broadcast in the last decade. Entitled “Return of the King,” its plot revolves around Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. rising from the dead in the year 2000 — well, almost, anyway.
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