Growing Pains

Living in liminality

I myself never experienced growing pains as seen on screen, and not just because I’ve stayed the same height since the eighth grade.
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Daring to drive toward independence

Off the Beat

My dad has always told me growing up, “Only worry about what you can control.” I don’t have a car to control anymore. And I sure can’t control the world around me right now. All I can control is myself.
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Murakami’s debut film delights viewers with 3-D animation and live-action coming-of-age tale

“In this universe, we find each other miraculously.” With that powerful opening line, Japanese visual artist Takashi Murakami’s cinema debut, “Jellyfish Eyes,” introduces viewers to his distinctive art and storytelling styles and forcefully explores Japanese society after the destructive earthquake of 2011 and meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
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The Vaccines: Come of Age

It’s amazing what a group of four British boys can do with guitars. Arising from a long list of iconic British foursomes whose names begin with “the” — The Clash, The Smiths, The Libertines, to name a few — The Vaccines are the most recent to conquer the landscape of
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