Photo of Tarunika Kappor

The reality of coming out

With Pride

There’s almost always the white, cisgender, straight-sized protagonist and their exploration of their queerness, all packed with a nice little bow and colorful pop music. There’s never a plus-sized, anxious, brown bisexual floundering in college.
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Photo of Nicholas Clark

The fallout of coming out


Nothing can genuinely depict coming out and the effect it’ll have on you — the mixed emotions of peace of mind and distress, the combination of happily ever after and Shakespearean tragedy.
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Do you cuff your jeans?

Impulsive Coward

I’m afraid to come out to people not just because I fear they won’t accept me, but because I’m afraid they won’t believe me.
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A group of people walking in a field

Family, community support is crucial for transgender, non-conforming youth

We all have a role to play in the safety of our TGNC community members. We can build and advocate for welcoming and inclusive environments in the institutions and communities to which we belong. It will take time to understand and accept, to deconstruct the systems that have been created. But when the alternative is harmful to our children, love and acceptance must prevail.
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I can see queerly now

Queerly Political

So dear straight people: Stop invalidating the exploration and questioning of sexuality. My queerness always existed before my public debut.
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Tim Cook coming out and paving the way

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook wrote a piece for Businessweek on Oct. 30 Thursday proclaiming, “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.” It marks a political shift that one of the most powerful men at one of the most powerful
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Hiding and seeking without shame

Safe, Sane and Consensual

What if we expanded and improved on that small student bubble of safety to create a society without shame — a collective community, where we meet others and ourselves with acceptance rather than judgment? An idyllic world playground filled with self-aware individuals, who teach children how to love themselves, to honor their bodies, whatever shape they come in, and to honor their preferences, whatever gender or sexuality or fluid, indefinable package they appear in.
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