A park by and for the people

CITY AFFAIRS: Fifty years after protest against developing People’s Park first erupted, campus should halt housing plans

Illustration of two groups of people, one in black-and-white, tearing down fences in People's Park, representing protests past and present
Jericho Tang/Staff

While the importance of supportive housing in Berkeley cannot be discounted, People’s Park has never been a place for campus to do its bidding.
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The drag race to acceptance


Back then, I knew that if my family did not like that I was gay, it was going to cost something. But hating myself for being gay was going to cost more.
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Who We Are S01 E03

Opinion editors Aidan Bassett and Kat Shok explore the notion of queer community, how well it welcomes — or at times, erases — different queer identities and how queer community manifests differently for everyone.    

Who We Are S01 E02

Opinion editors Aidan Bassett and Kat Shok discuss the power of media representation — and misrepresentation — to influence how younger queer people see themselves and to shape or distort how the queer community appears to the wider world.