Road to nowhere

Between America and Me

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be “successful.” Kindergarten teachers told my parents I was one of the quicker learners in the class, and they in turn enrolled me in “gifted” student programs for math and science. My tennis coach was convinced that if I just put my
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Cal Hacks 4.0

At last weekend’s CalHacks event, more than 2,000 students from 14 universities came to UC Berkeley’s California Memorial Stadium to participate in the annual coding competition. Video By: Edward Hwang, Madhav Soni, and Pransu Dash

The dark underbelly of Berkeley cliches

You don’t even have to tell us, we already know. You drink Pabst Blue Ribbon out of a yogurt container, you think Judith Butler is the 21st century Gandhi (which, let’s be real, is kind of true), and you’re shocked to learn that other schools use Scantrons for their philosophy
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UC Berkeley survival guide: what no one prepares you for

It’s the season of CalSO and Summer Bridge, so the campus is abound with starry-eyed barely-legals wondering what to expect within the chaotic Greco-modern concrete-jungle that is our campus. Will the parties be as lit as those in “Blue Mountain State?” Will you meet your future spouse? Will you fail
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The UC Berkeley problem that has no name

As UC Berkeley students, we’re indoctrinated with an intense drive to succeed. After all, attending the world’s number one public university isn’t possible without high motivation and the willingness to take on a challenging workload.  But our busy schedules make it a common misconception that idle time is equated to
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Exploring the League of Legends scene at Cal

Online games today are accessible to everyone, and gamers no longer fit the stereotype of a chubby, socially awkward Dungeons & Dragons fanatic rolling dice in his mom’s basement. No other game is a testament to global domination more than League of Legends, the PC game created by Riot Games — the
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Letter: We must become a merit-based society

A recently-published Associated Press article hinted that Cal may be headed back to the dark ages of race-based admissions. The citizens need to speak loudly and firmly against any such maneuver by the forces who seek to return to such monumentally stupid and misguided policies. “Diversity” adds no value. We
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