Mug illustration of Arts columnist Ryan McCullough.

Concert dread

Mullet journal

I had been relying on the valid excuse of COVID-19 to avoid concerts, but I still crave seeing my favorite musicians perform.
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photo of Willow

Photo Essay: Fall 2021 Concerts

In fall 2021, live music came back more vibrantly than ever after having stopped completely during the lockdowns at the outset of the pandemic. From shows in small venues to massive multiday festivals, the Bay Area came alive with concerts to suit listeners of all persuasions. All the while, our
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Photo of students walking on UC Berkeley campus

Photo Essay: 2021 in Photos

The Berkeley community experienced a widespread return to in person in 2021 — as did many parts of the world. From football games and music festivals to lectures, UC Berkeley students and city residents alike were able to look beyond their Zoom meetings, physically attending large gatherings and resuming daily
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