Takes two to tango

2 cents on 2 sides

Content warning: sexual violence The portion of men that spend their leisure time on 4chan, Reddit and The Daily Californian website shaming sexually active women certainly cannot afford to do so. Women in today’s progressive society don’t line up to date men who call them “used goods” for having sex,
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The Posturing of Condoms

I’m not too aware of many sexy responses to the question, “Can I take the condom off?” Honestly, at this point, I just get excited that the guy even asks. Maybe this is just my experience — it’s possible — but most guys haven’t even had the decency to ask.
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If the Campanile were like Big Brother

Most of us have read the infamous book “1984” by George Orwell and wondered how awful our lives would be under Big Brother. Being the imaginative souls we are, we at the Clog decided to help you with your daydreams (daynightmares?) about intrusive governmental policies by giving you a list of ways
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Sex on Blogday

While most kids my age choose to go to Cabo San Lucas or Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, I chose to go to the Big Apple for spring break a couple weeks ago. Being the museum addict that I am, I of course made sure to take a trip to the
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The Berkeley family jewels

Anyone who has read much of this column is no stranger to the constructive personal mantras I try to promote each week, including so far, self realization, personal enlightenment and, of course, beauty tips. But today I want to expand from a personal focus to include our whole community —
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Free condoms on Upper Sproul!

Ok, for those of you who actually know me, you already know how excited I get when free condoms are being conveniently given out. This girl has yet to spend money on condoms — and let’s keep it that way. So of course I decided to come back to Upper
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