Pre-midterm playlist

With the impending doom of midterms looming near, our nerves are running wild and our confidence is slipping away. We all want that perfect grade, but sometimes we’d rather sit down in the middle of the fountain on Sproul Plaza and cry a puddle of tears (at least there will be
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C’s get degrees: Achieving the exceptional average

You may have heard the infamous mantra, “C’s get degrees.” We usually hear these words directed at us preceded by, “Don’t worry,” when friends attempt to console us as we grieve over our GPA’s. Though we appreciate the assonance of the phrase, we at the Clog don’t find very much appeal in
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Everyone should be like Kanye

Cultural Cadence

I am tired of hearing the same old stories about Kanye West. A recent TMZ headline reads “Kanye West Goes Nuts Again On Paparazzi.” Again? It’s common, it’s expected, it’s laughable. But more than that, these headlines are narrow-minded and ridiculous. Once the clichéd notions of him being an egotistical
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