Tony’s Chocolonely brings Collegiate Changemaker program to UC Berkeley

Photo of individual holding Tony's Chocolonely bar
Hector Murillo/Courtesy
A Collegiate Changemaker program has been brought to campus by Dutch chocolate company Tony's Chocolonely. The company aims to spread awareness of the widespread use of child slave labor in chocolate production, choosing UC Berkeley to participate in its program because of the campus' legacy of activism and social justice.

Tony’s Chocolonely, a Dutch chocolate company with goals of transforming the chocolate production industry against illegal child labor, has begun its collaboration with UC Berkeley through its Collegiate Changemaker program.
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Illustration of a BART train switching away from dilapidated tracks and turning towards a brighter, well-maintained set of tracks

Support BART. Public transit has to survive the pandemic

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: As BART faces critical crossroads, now is the time to foreground the importance of expansive, affordable public transportation

Now is a remarkably poor time for politicians to denigrate BART or spread misconceptions that erode public support for transit in the Bay Area. 
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