The revival of Moideen

Cal in Color

photo of columnist Moideen Moidunny

As “Deen,” I no longer had to be the ambassador for my name’s origin. I could just be an “American,” freed from the shackles of my name’s uniqueness in this country.
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photo of columnist cassandra branch

Unchecked boxes

Sex on Tuesday

Part of me cannot help but wonder if this is what getting older is: a constant sacrifice of a personal life in pursuit of accomplishments.
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photo of columnist Geraldine Ang

Naturally Supernatural

Your Secret Admirer

Even the smallest of superstitions represents this integral part of being human, this belief in something irrationally greater than ourselves.
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Professors: looking to connect just like us

On a campus where relevance is of the utmost importance, often times even our educators participate in the quest to be culturally adept. Though we attend the number one public university in the world, our professors are still mortal (with a few exceptions of course), and try to connect with
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Sleepwalk with me

Reel Life

We all sleep alone. Physicality aside, we lie in the mercy of our own creations alone. You could fall asleep in the most public of places or wrapped tightly in someone’s arms and still feel as utterly alone. The fact of the matter is that a room full of people
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