Independent candidates face uphill battle

Of the 65 students vying for an ASUC senate seat, only Naweed Mohabbat, Taliah Mirmalek, James Chang, and Raman “the Dictator” Veerappan have no party affiliation. A fifth candidate, Solomon Nwoche, recently formed his own party, “Independent Campaign for Common Sense”.
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The SQUELCH! factor

CAMPUS ISSUES: A serious slate for ASUC Senate from the SQUELCH! party will hopefully add a layer of competitiveness to the 2013 election.

Some much-needed competition is being injected into the ASUC general election. With this week’s announcement that the SQUELCH! student political party will run all serious candidates, the 2013 election is, thankfully, shaping up to depart from the predictable cycle of late. Historically, SQUELCH! has ran primarily satirical candidates, though one serious
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Student Action dominates ASUC elections

Party wins four partisan executive seats, claims majority in the senate

The party makeup of next year’s ASUC Senate and executive offices was revealed to be identical to that of the current year when the 2012 ASUC general election results were announced Thursday evening. The Student Action slate once again swept all partisan executive positions and maintained its senate majority, despite
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2012 ASUC election endorsements

Taking a Stand

Click here to read the Senior Editorial Board’s full endorsements. In the past academic year, UC Berkeley students have met history head-on, continually shouting for our rights and ideals — whatever those may be. Instances including the Berkeley College Republicans’ intentionally racist bake sale, police violence at Occupy Cal, Louis
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Two-party system challenged in race for ASUC president

The race for ASUC president is composed of a broad field of candidates this year, as several of the students running seek to challenge the traditional rivalry between the Student Action and CalSERVE parties. Over the past 16 years, only Student Action and CalSERVE candidates have been elected to the president’s
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