UC Berkeley to demolish 1921 Walnut St., faces widespread opposition

Photo of 1921 Walnut Street
Kaitlan Tseng/File
UC Berkeley's plan to demolish 1921 Walnut St. in favor of student housing is opposed by the Berkeley City Council, the ASUC, the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, the Berkeley Tenants Union and the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association.

UC Berkeley has decided to proceed with the demolition of 1921 Walnut St., a rent-controlled apartment in Downtown Berkeley, in order to build transfer student housing.
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Renters need anti-gouging law for California’s housing emergency

One need look no further than the town of Paradise, which virtually disappeared from the map a year ago after being in the direct path of the Carr Fire. As hundreds of units were lost over the course of several fateful days, the already tight and expensive housing market was further aggravated by the drop in the number of available units that those displaced can afford.
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By voting against Prop. 10, Californians failed themselves

STATE ISSUES: Blanket rent control policy will never work in this state. In the next election, voters must do better

California is in a serious housing crisis — and yet, California voters failed to pass Proposition 10 to repeal Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and allow for much needed rent control.
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