ASUC to dedicate senate chambers to Courtney Brousseau

Cheyenne Tex/File
The ASUC Senate Inter-semester Committee passed a resolution renaming the senate chambers after UC Berkeley alumnus Courtney Brousseau, who served as ASUC chief communications officer and chair of the ASUC Student Union Board of Directors.

The ASUC Senate Inter-semester Committee met Wednesday and passed four resolutions, including one to rename the senate chambers in Eshleman Hall to the Courtney Garg Brousseau Chambers.
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ASUC Student Union Board of Directors partially supports Graduate Assembly’s withdrawal of $10K from joint account with ASUC

At the last board meeting in April, motions were passed to place the GA’s funds into separate accounts from the ASUC’s and reinstate GA executives as signatories on the ASUC account until the GA has its own accounts. Ansel’s demand occurred less than two weeks after the GA’s secession from the ASUC, a culmination of tensions that have existed since the GA’s founding in the 1960s.
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Hillary wins California

In a decisive victory Tuesday night, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton won the California primary and clinched the nomination for the Democratic party, becoming the first female to secure a major party nomination.
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