Editor’s note: Criminal Justice 2018

This issue of the Daily Cal is devoted to exposing these injustices. From important “prison-to-school pipelines” to problematic representations of individuals in the justice system, our stories aim to feature important voices and challenge those who exploit them.
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Why UC students need to reevaluate our tuition demands

Over 80 students from across the University of California mobilized at the November 17 UC Regents meeting, which discussed the impacts of a potential tuition hike. At that time, students at the margins, students the UC tries to forget and silence, showed up at the Regents’ doorstep. We showed up
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Investigating injustice

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: UC Berkeley must speed up its police accountability review process to match the timeliness of the legal system.

By its very nature, experiencing the due process of law is not a punishment. While the Occupy Cal protesters being charged with crimes for their actions on Nov. 9 surely endured grave wrongs under police baton, they should not be exempt from their day in court. However, when the mechanisms
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