Rolling Loud 2018: Chxpo


When San Francisco-based Lil Kayla was inexplicably replaced — only to arrive an hour or so later for a brief set — by a half-baked performance from Cleveland-based rapper Chxpo, people quickly took notice, and they were not happy.
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Rolling Loud 2018: Gucci Mane

As of 2018, trap star Gucci Mane, aka Trap God, aka Big Guwap, aka La Flare, aka Mr. Zone 6 and so on, has amassed 12 studio albums, one soundtrack, seven EPs, 72 mixtapes and 33 singles. With that sort of discography, one can only wonder how the Trap God decided on his setlist for Saturday’s performance.
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How to pick your favorite study spots

You have endless places to choose from when it comes to choosing your ideal spot for studying. Though people will have numerous suggestions based on your studying habits and personality, not every spot will work for you. We at the Clog have compiled a list of things for you to
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