A few honest moments

Now and Again

One of the most profoundly isolating human experiences is to finish a movie in the theater and, looking to your left and then to your right, discover that you are the only person not wiping their eyes and sniffling.
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How to console your friends during midterm season

It’s a rough life for all of us right now. We’re in the thick of midterm season, and we’re all struggling to keep a social life (just kidding, we’re UC Berkeley students so our social life is already nonexistent) while juggling our classes. Midterms are the worst, especially because here at UC Berkeley, midterms aren’t really midterms.
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50 phrases we say during midterm season

Desperation. Exhaustion. Caffeine-induced studying frenzy. These are sensations we all experience during midterm season. The midterm experience at UC Berkeley is impossible to explain to our parents and younger siblings, but the struggle is so real. Perhaps the best way to explain this insanity is by compiling a list of
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