Bold predictions for 2017

2016 was a completely unpredictable year. The Cubs won the World Series. Creepy clowns roamed the streets at night. Snapchat took someone else’s face and put it on your face. Although everyone is relieved that 2016 is finally behind us, we’ve no reason to believe that 2017 will be any
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Much more than a win

Last semester, I wrote a column focused on how the Chicago Cubs were becoming more corporate and, in that vein, losing a little bit of their lovable essence. This was the end of April — not even one month into a Cubs season that would last for more than seven.
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NLDS, ALDS predictions

American League: Indians vs. Red Sox It’s been nine years since the David Ortiz-led Boston Red Sox took on the Cleveland Indians in the playoffs, and while Big Papi is still hitting dingers, a lot has changed in both dugouts. Former Boston manager Terry Francona is now riding the ship
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Owners and donors

Sports with Sophie

I was scrolling through the MLB section of “Sporting News,” pleased with the multitude of headlines that praised the Chicago Cubs for their performance on the road to the playoffs so far, when a less attractive article regarding my home team caught my eye. The headline read “Joe Ricketts plans
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Process to transfer ASUC funds nears completion

The UC Berkeley student government’s ideologically driven plan to transfer its $3.5 million in funds to a new bank is nearing completion, ASUC officials said Wednesday. The effort, which involves transferring all of the ASUC’s funds in Bank of America to Union Bank, is expected to be completed in October
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Cuckoo birds can fly?


Believe it or not, despite our economy’s generally decrepit health, some business sectors are doing well. Gold mining is thriving, and of course the banking and financial sector remains strong. Big banks have performed especially well, raking in record profits since the TARP intervention in 2008. And that is pleasing,
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