Chocolate cupcakes from scratch

I recently made an almond citrus olive oil cake with my older sister, during which we ended up messing up the order of mixing our ingredients. Out of fear of messing up the olive oil cake, we decided to set aside the dry ingredients mixture and use it for another recipe. Wanting
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Rainbow cupcake recipe

The statement “good things come in small packages” must be talking about cupcakes. Whether it be at birthday bashes or lax pool parties, these mini cakes are always welcome. Why conform to conventional colored cupcakes when you can impress with rainbow ones? We at the Clog have created a fun
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Which tequila recipe are you?

If you’re planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo but want to prepare something beyond just a basic margarita, this quiz is for you! We at the Clog have compiled the best recipes for tequila-related food and drinks for a variety of personality types. Contact Martha Morrissey at [email protected]

Happy Popcorn Lover’s Day!

We at the Clog are sure that all of you popcorn enthusiasts know today is Popcorn Lover’s Day! These puffed kernels are a classic part of any movie viewing or study session, as their airy quality allows you to eat and eat, and not actually notice that the tub or
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A cupcake a day keeps the stress at bay

When it comes to sweets, cupcakes are often a fast resolution for dessert because they are the perfect size for a one-person treat and because you can often try multiple cupcake flavors and get the same amount of indulgence as one big dessert. Not only do they look elegant, but they
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A cupcake affair at Love at First Bite

I have fallen in love with my fair share of baked goods. Everyone has a favorite local bakery, and the place I’m about to talk about is unquestionably one of my top two favorites in Berkeley. The cupcakes there taste like no cupcake I’ve ever had before. A hidden gem
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