Every 1st Saturday of each month, there’s something different about Dolores Park…  

How to feed squirrels on campus

You’ve seen them everywhere, but do you ever wonder how to feed them? We risk our hands and here’s the result: Video by: Kayla Kettman and Ashley-Grace Vo


Summer is here, which means the dogs are out!   Video by Chris Tril and Ashley-Grace Vo

Quiz: Do you have Berkeley goggles?

Have you ever found yourself stopping in your tracks to check out a perfectly average-looking stranger? Or gone all head over heels for that special someone in your discussion only to be extremely disappointed when you finally wake up and smell the roses (or open your eyes, for that matter)? Well,
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Some adorable animals to look at after finals

We all know what we really want right now: to snuggle up with warm baby animals and sleep forever. Now that your finals are finally over, seize the moment! As we near the end of finals week, we at the Clog want to distribute warm and fuzzy feelings to all UC
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