Photo of The Daily Californian Front Desk

Photo essay: Our home on Hearst

At 2483 Hearst Ave. sits Berkeley’s paper of record and independent, student-run newspaper, The Daily Californian. In 2012, the paper moved from the sixth floor of Eshleman Hall to its current home on Hearst Avenue. After nine years in the space and a century and a half in existence, the
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Why we need the Daily Cal

Whether you use this paper to check the score of the game you missed, to peruse the platforms of ASUC campaigns or simply to line your litter box, it’s succeeded in fulfilling a purpose.
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Following life’s lede

Off the Beat

I’ve never viewed my indecisiveness as a positive trait, but it’s given me countless opportunities, one of them journalism.
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You catch more flies with honey

Cal in Color

I wanted to write “Cal in Color” to create real dialogue on what it actually means to be a Black woman at Berkeley, and doing so requires the invocation of uncomfortable radical topics.
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