Looking for looks

Sex on Tuesday

For me, looks and body image play a primary role in sex, and wanting to seem more attractive, I’ve always concealed or corrected parts of my appearance.
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Ode to Joshuya

That free miso right when you sat down / Never made someone frown. / Even though the service could sometimes be slow, / All of Berkeley never failed to go.
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Why staying single these holidays is more beneficial

It’s that time of year again, when Michael Bublé serenades our ears with Christmas songs and we fuel our Starbucks’ red cup addiction with the justification that it’s in the holiday spirit. We at the Clog are beyond excited that it’s finally socially acceptable to bring out our ugly Christmas
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Romantic dining hall situations

The dining hall can sometimes be an unexpectedly romantic place. There are countless opportunities for love when you walk into a place like Crossroads, and because we know you probably don’t believe us right now, we’ve outlined five possible romantic interactions you can have in the dining hall. 1. A
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Ramadan in Berkeley: tips for the perfect iftar

Jihad quite literally means “to struggle.” While there is more than one form of jihad, one brand requires patience, self-discipline and a bull-like tenacity — it is a jihad, or struggle, against oneself. Fasting during Ramadan is one form of such jihad. Ramadan is the name of a month in the Islamic lunar
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Can’t buy me love

Broke in Berkeley

When I first met the guy I was going to marry, he told me he had a book called “Dating for Under a Dollar.” I didn’t believe him until he showed me. His parents had raised him in a lifestyle he cheerfully called “frugal” rather than “cheap.” Most of the
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