To choose or not to choose

Sex on Tuesday

The notion of preferring one gender strikes me as a very heterosexual way of thinking, but preferences aren’t so crazy, even if you really like all your options. And I often used to wonder: Do I have a preference? And if so, why?
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Holding hands

From single to engaged: Tales of college dating

On the quest for love, we are willing to endure a sadistic amount of heartbreak pains to find “the one.” Yet how do we even know “the one” exists, as Hollywood so claims? Nevertheless, every weekend begins with the trek of rose-colored hearts hoping to be claimed and cuffed at
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A rose and film camera

The rom-com romance illusion: A personal essay

I’m supposed to write about love. It makes sense, given the nature of yesterday’s holiday. But what do I know about love? I’ve only really been in it once, and the best way to describe that experience is the “it’s complicated” relationship status on Facebook. To be fair though, it
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