Grow up already (or don’t)

It was cool at the time

Growing up is about falling deeply, passionately in love with a dream and then changing your mind about it a year later. You’re ever-evolving.
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We are living in the Golden Age of Television

What’s your favorite TV show? This used to be a simple question. “The Twilight Zone,” I’d answer, nervously feigning some sort of classical intellectualism. My family didn’t have cable, and I felt obliged to answer with a series that was representative of what’s traditionally deemed the “Golden Age of Television”
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Top 10 films of the year

2014 saw a wide array of films hit the theaters from the thrilling “Gone Girl” to the tasteful, poignant and guffaw-inducing “Dear White People.” Here are the top picks as selected by the arts & entertainment department at The Daily Californian.
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