Green for go

Cutting Room Floor

I see colors when I read. There’s a scientific name for this sort of thing, but it’s kind of an awful-sounding mouthful, so instead, just take my word for it — I see colors when I read. Instead of externally visualizing anything, it’s more like I just inherently know them.
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Cheez Whiz and mic drops

Lost in Confusion

A couple of weeks ago in my English discussion section, I drew a connection between the novel we were reading and David Foster Wallace. I raised my voice a little more than usual while maintaining a steady, low-toned level of sophisticated elocution to make sure everyone else was aware of
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Who Cares About Political Correctness?

Subliminal Signification

In high school, a friend told me that words are simply idea-markers. Even in college, many of my friends underplay the impact of language, relying on calcified facts and denying that language has any material effects. To these individuals, I say, wouldn’t it be boring if language simply held the
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Berkeley reads ‘well,’ says Amazon

Summer readers, lifelong bookworms, nerds and closet nerds have another reason to be happy in Berkeley. According to Amazon, Berkeley is among the top 20 “most well-read” cities in the country. Though rankings are determined by sales alone, we can experience Berkeley’s bibliophilia just by walking around. Our campus offers
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They know me there

Critical Musings

I spent a lot of time on the north side of campus last semester, and what that meant was that I spent a lot of time at the restaurants located there. There was one cafe in particular that I was especially fond of and frequented most. I loved the way the
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