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PSA: last day to add or drop a class

It’s the fourth week of the semester and you’re just beginning to realize how much you hate your class. Or maybe you spontaneously decided you wanted to change your major. Whatever the case, we at the Clog have got your back. Today is the last day for undergraduates to either drop
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Breaking news: Your essay was due yesterday

An inside source has talked to The Daily Clog and revealed that that essay you have was actually due yesterday. As one of the only students who attended the lecture directly after the midterm, this source was able to inform the Clog that your professor changed the due date of your essay
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To pass or not to pass? That is the question

For those that don’t know, the last day to change the grading option for classes is April 3. This gives UC Berkeley students approximately a month to decide on whether or not they should play their semesterly “get out of jail free card.” We at the Clog understand some people might
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BAY AREA AFFAIRS: It’s disappointing that after a four day strike, BART unions and administration could not reach a resolution.

The fact that the two sides of the BART battle have not come to an agreement over new employee contracts following a four-day worker strike — two days of which were spent not talking — is evident of a lack of urgency. BART service resumed Friday afternoon following the strike
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