Rethinking what it means to die

Student Bodies

I’m writing this from a cramped plane seat, on my way to visit an elderly relative for his birthday. He has terminal cancer, and it is uncomfortable to admit it, but this birthday will probably be his last. His imminent death has been a difficult subject to talk about; when
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Simply put, US drones kill

Earlier this week, I opened the Daily Cal to find a harmless-looking sketch of a U.S. military drone flying in a purple sky. Under it, I saw the title “Drones make America safer.” After reading the op-ed piece written by political science student Blair Rotert, I felt absolutely compelled to
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A mother’s tribute to her son

The late Aya Nakano was compassionate and loving son

It has been two weeks. Even as we held funeral services and memorials for you, I still can’t believe that you’re gone, anak. I keep looking at the door, hoping that at any given moment you’d walk right in and ask me, “What’s for dinner, Mom?” Then you’d put your
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A deplorable delay

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley Police Department seriously mishandled communication following a death in its own custody.

Berkeley Police Department made a serious mistake in delaying the release of the autopsy report from the death of Kayla Moore — one which reflects poorly upon the department’s communication tactics. Moore, a 41-year-old transgender Berkeley resident, died of an accidental drug overdose while in police custody in February, but
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Ensemble Mik Nawooj digs for meaning

Musical collective perform a chamber hip-hop opera, ‘Death, Love & Life’

Ensemble Mik Nawooj — a collective of instrumentalists, rappers and vocalists — is breaking the rules of musical genre in all the right ways. Fusing classical Western European compositions with genres like hip-hop, rock and pop, the act promises an experience that is at once refreshing, innovative and utterly captivating.
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This Week in Arts

VISUAL ART As a center for innovation, renewable energy solutions, art and communal education, Oakland seems like the perfect home base for nonprofit organization Kinetic Steam Works. Since 2005, it has worked to preserve steam power heritage, presenting art and performance pieces to the public, highlighting the merits of this
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