Best decision we ever made

“College is going to be the best time of your life.” We’ve all heard it before. Some middle-aged family friend has looked at us wistfully whilst repeating the all-too-familiar maxim about making these four years something you will treasure until the day you die. Yeah, no pressure there. … Just make this
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The ‘keys’ to success

Songs of Myself

I stood in front of the merch table with my too-indie-for-you 16-year-old friends, quivering with excitement and nerves as I prepared to meet my idol. It was a school night, and I’d convinced my parents to let me attend a Jukebox the Ghost concert via a highly persuasive PowerPoint presentation.
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A presidential pill

Look Back At It

Of all the weird comments hurtling through the universe of political discourse, the weirdest might be this: Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem say that young women ought to vote for Hillary Clinton solely because of female solidarity — based on the presumption that young women would revel in more equal
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FemSex DeCal: A space to share your story

To a casual viewer, the basic idea behind FemSex can seem to be spelled out pretty clearly in the name. Fem: related to womxn. Sex: well, that’s self-explanatory. But to assume that that’s the whole story when it comes to this DeCal would be reductive. Though FemSex definitely wants to
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Potterhead attractions on campus

If you’re that kid who dressed up as Harry Potter or Cho Chang every year for Halloween in elementary school or the nerd who wore a Gryffindor scarf and drew a lightning scar on your forehead for every movie premiere, you probably really enjoy Harry Potter culture and identify as
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The Politics of Piracy

The walls ooze a sticky white in my freshly painted room. Paired with what little stuff I have, the setting verges on monastic. Tony, Rodrigo, my buddy Nihil and I sit on a muted-green excerpt of carpet, a luxury of color in this space. We’re old friends, but tonight the
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