Illustration of Democratic debate on climate change

The Democratic presidential candidates should hold a climate debate

The decision for the DNC to not hold a climate debate shows that the majority of DNC members do not seem to value these connections. A debate focused purely on the climate would allow Americans to hear about the substantive differences between the various candidates’ plans to address the climate emergency.
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Retracted: Memorable moments from the Democratic, Republican National Conventions

This year the whole country watched the Republican National Convention, or RNC, and the Democratic National Convention, or DNC, with a mixture of awe, confusion, sadness and anticipation. While our last shred of hope that the RNC would somehow be able to overstep the public and elect literally any nominee other than Donald Trump was shamelessly and hopelessly dashed, we were at least able to cheer ourselves up with endless videos and images of Bill Clinton frolicking among the beautiful balloons celebrating Hillary Clinton’s nomination.
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Obama and your education

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The president’s emphasis on education in his speech last week reflects a proper understanding of the issues students face.

It’s difficult to gauge whether Barack Obama has made any positive impacts on higher education in California during his presidency. To Californians, his recent statement at the Democratic National Convention that “millions of students are paying less for college today” seems laughably false. In this state, tuition has skyrocketed within
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