CA voters ‘most likely to vote’ closely divided on Newsom recall, UC Berkeley study suggests

photo of Gavin Newsom
Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall election is much closer among voters considered most likely to participate than among the general electorate, according to a Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, or IGS, report released Tuesday.
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The sovereign salamander

To the Left

The only reason we haven’t come to a collective solution is that those who create our legislative solutions benefit from gerrymandering.
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2020 census is politically crucial for redistricting

As soon as the midterms passed, many California Democrats turned their attention to November of 2020. But the party ought not to forget about April — the month when the 2020 census will take place. Uncertainty, distrust and unpreparedness all threaten the accuracy and completeness of the upcoming census. The
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Narrating a nation

Between America and Me

I learnt curiosity from my father. To this day, my dad doesn’t quit until he’s read every page of every section of the four different newspapers we get delivered to our house every morning. As a child, I’d stare in amazement as he read every paper, even its classifieds, with
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