Robin Williams and mental health

Within minutes after its announcement, the general reaction to Robin Williams’ death on Facebook was surprise. How could a comedian commit suicide? How could a man who smiled all the time be mentally ill? How can anyone rich and famous want to end his life? Our culture seemed to have
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Dissolving false stigmas around PMS

Safe, Sane and Consensual

I’m sitting on the toilet — just using the bathroom, for crying out loud — when, all of a sudden, I’m actually crying out loud. It’s that time of the month again. Last month’s column explored how real and severe of an impact PMS can have on people’s lives. Many
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‘At Berkeley,’ but not in spirit

I sat in the Pacific Film Archive Theater, waiting to experience the Frederick Wiseman documentary “At Berkeley.” Though some have decried Wiseman’s examination as uneven and others have commented on the film’s excessive length, nothing could deter me from watching “At Berkeley” at Berkeley. The film began. The audience witnessed Wiseman’s
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Open hearts, healthy minds

The scars of mental health problems may be hard to see, but they are an unfortunate part of most college campuses. Recognizing this, UC Berkeley’s administration reached out to students last week to promote a survey asking important questions about the accessibility of mental health resources on campus as well
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Off the beat: Working past my depression

I usually leave my television on and lower its volume to fall asleep to the murmur of Anderson Cooper discussing something serious. On a particular early August morning, I felt comfortable enough to turn my television off, roll over to one corner of my bed and put on my earphones.
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3 tips to help you up when you’re feeling down

It’s sometimes weird the things that make us feel depressed — a 14-year-old incontinent dog, for example. Not because that’s gross and doggy diapers are degrading for all parties involved but because it reminds us that one day, in about 490 dog years, we, too, will require diapers. The fact
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On the CUSP of consciousness

Health and Happiness

As a health worker for Unit 3 this past year, I was used to residents coming to my door late at night, timidly asking if I had any banana-flavored condoms left or wondering how to make an appointment at the Tang Center. In fact, I looked forward to those interactions.
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In the face of depression, moving forward

Campus aims to help students who struggle with mental health difficulties

Even after surviving a war zone, UC Berkeley freshman Unis Barakat found himself succumbing to the lingering emotional scars of his experience.
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‘Depression Quest’ cripples players with despondent gameplay

“Depression Quest” isn’t a typical game. It’s not even typical for an atypical game. Unlike convention-violating indie titles like “Journey” or “The Unfinished Swan,” “Depression Quest” isn’t artistic, captivating or even enjoyable. Rather, it’s a gray, text-based and emotionally draining experience about living with depression. “Depression Quest” casts the player
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