Wanting to be wanted

Sex on Tuesday

Do I deserve to call this violence? Was I harmed? Am I entitled to the language of hurt if I let the hurt happen to me? What does “let” mean?
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Just another feminist rant

Theoretical Titillation

Now, usually, I would present a single, parable-ish narrative that highlights the existence of the patriarchy. But over the past few years, I’ve found it hard to only talk about one uncomfortable experience because there have been so many.
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Local Limelight: Silver Swans

Combining dark, swirling synths with haunting vocals, San Francisco duo Silver Swans explores the shadowy areas of the dream pop soundscape. Reminiscent of a slightly more light-hearted Beach House, the band released their second album, Touch, last November, which draws inspiration from a new relationship vocalist Ann Yu was experiencing
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